IMMUNEX Extra Capsules (60)

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ESSENTIALS Immunex Multi-Vit is the most comprehensive Multivitamin available in the market with the widest range of Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, and Trace Elements that are necessary for your Immune System. Clinical & Comprehensive, ESSENTIALS Immunex has the backing of medical research and clinical information that validates the essence of each and every ingredient that is included in the product! Designed to help maintain resistance to infection and optimal cell defense, ESSENTIALS Immunex Multi-Vit offers advanced immune protection.  The nutrients contained in the research-based formula help maintain health in the short term as well as maintaining long-term immune defense at the cellular level. The unique formulation in ESSENTIALS Immunex Multi-Vit also provides antioxidants such as vitamins E and C plus minerals such as selenium, zinc and vitamin B complex.